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A few days ago, (what seemed like) the power supply went on my Time Capsule.  I found this very disappointing to see the product fail like that.  Since then, I connected my wireless network through my Airport Express.  It worked for a few days, and then lost connection to the internet.  It still has a power supply, but it won't connect.  Now it is just blinking orange (even though when it lost connection, it was solid green).  I have had to take the ethernet cable out of it and connect directly to my computer.


The Airport Express is still plugged in and is now still blinking orange.  I say now, because, even when it was solid green, it wasn't allowing my computer to connect to the internet.  I have gone through just about every troubleshooting step imaginable, including resetting my cable modem and calling my cable company, Airport Utility....  Every time I use Airport Utility and try to connect to my network, it tells me either there was a "connection timeout" or that it failed to connect and that I need to make sure the network name or password are correct (they are correct).  Now I can't get the Airport Express to stop blinking orange, or to stay green.  In fact, I can't seem to do anything to get my computer to recognize it.  It is as though it is invisible, so it won't even let me troubleshoot what is wrong with it.  What happened to the days where "Apple" was just so darn easy?


At this point, I really don't know what to do and I am starting to lose a little faith in Apple products.


What am I missing here to get this thing corrected?