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What's the best step-by-step way to export my Logic tracks into Sibelius with the least amount of rhythmic cleanup in Sibelius?

It seems that even though I quant the way I want it in Logic, Sibelius gives me un-quantized extreme rhythms.  What am I doing wrong?




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    You may want to 'normalise' any region parameters:MIDI:Region Parameters


    If you have the notation looking right in the Score Editor, you should note that generally this does not alter the MIDI note events, explaining the 'mess' you get in Sibelius. Try using Score:Functions:Quantisation:Fix displayed note positions and durations.




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    "What am I doing wrong?"

    Using Sibelius? :-)


    If you do what CCTM suggested and also possibly consider using "Sustain Pedal to Note Length" you should be fine.


    Also: To check what your results would look like without Logic's rather smart "Interpretation Mode" and "No Overlap" features in score, you can turn them off before you export your MIDI tracks.

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    Thanks.  I'll give it a try.