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Every time iTunes upgrades, Bonjour doesn't work.  I can't share or stream on my AppleTV or anywhere else on my network.  WHAT GIVES?!?!  Is there a quick (or not so quick) fix to this every single time?  Obviously Apple has never quite figured out the hiccup, as it's been happening for a couple of years at least.

Windows XP Pro
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    Bonjour doesn't work.


    Could you walk us through what happens with Bonjour after the iTunes updates in some more detail, please?

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    At any point when there is a new version of iTunes for upgrade, I upgrade.  When iTunes starts after the upgrade, it doesn't see other computers on my network, or our AppleTVs.  Bonjour (mDNSResponder.exe) is running, but not working.  I either 1) manually shut it down in my Task Manager & try to restart it by double clicking on the *.exe, or 2) stop & restart it in Services.msc.  Bonjour still doesn't work in that AppleTVs & computers on our network cannot see each other.  No sharing is happening.  We stream a lot in our house, and when AppleTV isn't seeing a PC or Mac online, or vice versa, it's a problem (of course).


    FYI:  Just a few moments ago, I reran the latest iTunes installation file (downloading the exe straight from the Apple site), choosing the "Repair" option.  Nothing changed.  I should not have to uninstall & reinstall iTunes every time just to get Bonjour to kick in again.  It seems that Bonjour never liked an iTunes upgrade, as it stops working & sharing when an upgrade happens.


    I'm on Windows XP Pro SP3 with all the latest updates, etc.

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    Hmmmm. Plausibly we might be looking at a less-common LSP issue here.


    Just in case, let's check through the following document:


    Apple software on Windows: May see performance issues and blank iTunes Store

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    Roger that.


    The only item listed in Autoruns under the Winsock Providers is Bonjour. 


    Just FYI:  I'm picky about what I put on my PC.  I don't just load anything, and I try to keep my Program Files folder cleaned up & free of any friviolous stuff.  I keep the media basics, plus anti-virus software, plus a few other things. 


    The problem always comes in when iTunes is upgraded.  It suddenly doesn't want to work with Bonjour anymore.

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    Quickly checking something.


    I'm getting the impression that the Bonjour issue gets fixed in some way after it crops up. (If it stops working properly for you after every successive update of iTunes, it must have been working right again before the next time you update iTunes.)


    How have you been getting Bonjour to come right? (The details of that might give us a heads up on what might be the issue behind it continually going wrong after iTunes updates.)

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    Correct, to an extent.


    I don't remember how it got to working again, but it wasn't by chance.  I believe I probably uninstalled both iTunes & Bonjour, then reinstalled iTunes fresh (which is the long way around a simpler problem, I would imagine), and the rest settled in place.  When I upgrade (opposed to install fresh) iTunes, Bonjour always seems to not like that.

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    Update:  two days ago, I uninstalled Bonjour & iTunes, & reinstalled iTunes (and of course it added Bonjour).  I still have no sharing whatsoever.