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I'm having a difficult time connecting my iPod Touch 4g to my home network; at work it was connecting perfectly.  Now, I've tried resetting the network and everything else on the iPod, but nothing is working.  I have signals on the iPod that show I'm connected, but the "connection" icon continues to spin, I'm not able to connect to Safari or iTunes, etc.  Any advice?

iPod touch, iOS 5.1
  • Apple kiwi Level 3 Level 3

    Try holding the iPod next to the router

  • fgdn17 Level 1 Level 1

    ran into this while helping a friend with kids ipod touch...


    connected to my home wifi fine, on his router it would say connected and the icon

    would just spin for ever....


    look at your wifi connection when it's spinning...


    I had no DNS and no DOMAIN from his router...BUT did have

    an address...........on my home setup DNS/DOMAIN were fine..!!


    so I checked one of his other devices on his setup, got the DNS / domain


    went back to ipod, looked at connection, touched dns and it allows me to input

    the values I got when looking at his other device, same for domain information...


    restarted everything and it connected and worked fine...


    don't know why the ipod isn't getting the DNS/DOMAIN from router but

    assume it's some setting...didn't have time to research it futher as they just wanted

    it working....


    so try that on your home network....!!!!