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I'm having a bit of an odd issue.  I'm trying to connect my Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD (DVR) to my Mac Mini (mid-2010).  The device isn't detected, which doesn't seem so odd, but here's where the trouble starts:


* I know it's not the DVR: It connects to my Macbook Pro (mid-2010) just fine.

* I know it's not the cable: I have two FireWire cables, both of which can connect the DVR to the Macbook Pro without an issue.

* I know it's not the Mac Mini: It can detect other FireWire devices, and I've taken it into the Apple Store and confirmed that the logic board is in proper working order.


Things I've tried:

* I've reinstalled OS X Lion as a clean install; the DVR still wasn't detected.

* I've removed all other peripherals; the DVR still wasn't detected.


I'm wondering if there might be relevant differences between the MacBook Pro and the Mac Mini that could cause the DVR not to be detected on the Mac Mini, even though all of the individual components work in other permutations?  Really, I'm just baffled, so any advice would be appreciated.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.3)