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can you help me regarding my problem about my iphone 4s sir?

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    All smartphones are known to consume a lot of power as they have capabilities of doing a lot of data processing jobs, i was facing the same issue earlier, firstly ensure that you have the latest version of IOS (5.1) installed on your system as there were some bug fixes with relation ot battery life that were addressed.


    Secondly, turn off services which you dont need all the time, like Wi-Fi, Locations services, etc this will ensure that power is saved in those areas, also you can adjust the brightness, this will not necessarily keep your battery life long but will atleast ensure it does not drain too quickly.


    With regards to your phone turning off when u receive a call, it sounds a bit strange i would suggest you see a Apple Genius in one of your nearest Apple store soon as this seems to be some software of hardware problem....



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    i think this would help thanks a lot..