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I'm going to do a 2-camera shoot with a 7D and a Panny HPX170. I want the native 24P of the Panny but the 7D only shots 24P in 1080. Can I shoot with these two disparate settings and still edit on the same timeline in FPCX?


I have to say the handling of the vast array of formats by the new Final Cut impresses me, but can it do this?

iMac (27-inch Late 2009), Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    You can, but something's going to have to render. Switch off background rendering. What format project you edit in is probably best determined by where you need to go. Also I would optimize the DSLR media on import.

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    Sounds good. Thanks.


    On further thinking, tho, I should also ask if this is the best way to combine the product of these two cameras?


    I'm actually borrowing a friend's 170 and in doing some testing I did some side-by-sides, out-putted that from a timeline for playing through iTunes on my (Apple) TV. The 170's 1080 footage was inCREDibly...gosh, what's the word?...interlace-y. Just shooting a person a la interview-situation and capturing their minor side-to-side motion while seatred resulted in a strangely high degree of horizontal video scan lines. Ergo I figured it best to keep the 170 at 720 to utilize the native progressive (and the 7D only shoots 24P in 1080).