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  • To use express with iPhone Remote App I have to restart extreme so the express will show up in list of speakers.  every time.
  • when using airtunes, connection drops out at least twice / song
  • when using airtunes, surfing internet or accessing drive connected to extreme causes connection dropout, to the point music cannot be listend to, which means listen to stuttering music and do nothing else
  • have a WD 1 TB usb 2.0 drive connected to Extreme.  transfer rate is 500 mb/hour!!  (megabytes not bits)



  • have read threads regarding airtunes connection problems and resolving- nothing works.  current express has been returned to apple to be checked and it is working normally
  • extreme and express are in unobstructed line of sight 12 metres apart, set up as join network not extend
  • WD drive is formatted for Mac
  • express, exptreme, iphone apps all up to date



Overall performance is lack lustre.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)