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Hi I have noticed that recently when I either download an app or update a certain app I get a pop up on the screen that says:


Unable to purchase


"Amazon mobile"and 5 other items

Could not be purchased at this time

Please try again later.





Now it's been saying this for a few weeks now, but the thing is, I'm not even trying to update my amazon mobile app,  and I have no clue what the othe 5 are.  I have tried syncing and restarting but nothing helps.  My guess is that it began when I tried to probably install a bunch of updates at once at one point.  There might have been a problem and they were not available.  But why is it still showing me this.  I should also add that amazon mobile is not in my current list of apps that have updates.  Any ideas would be great, it's quite annoying.

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.3