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how do i connect my playstation 3 to my 2012 21" imac? as in, i want to use my iMac as a display so that I can play my ps on it... can i do this? what cords do i need etc?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3), 2012 21"
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    The short answer is, you don't.


    Some pre-Thunderbolt iMacs (the 27-inch ones) could serve as dumb DisplayPort displays ("Target Disk Mode").  That was a nice feature because a lot of modern Macs and PCs can generate DisplayPort output.


    With Thunderbolt, the rules changed.  A Thunderbolt port can drive a DisplayPort display.  But if you want to use the iMac as a dumb display, the device driving it has to be a Thunderbolt device (not just a DisplayPort one).


    There might be some adapter you could buy to turn the PS3's output into DisplayPort output.  But there is no practical way of retrofitting a PS3 to provide Thunderbolt output.  Even on a Mac (or on the PCs where Intel is hoping to introduce it), Thunderbolt is, so far, something that has to be integrated into the motherboard.

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    There is another possibility.


    There are devices that connect to a USB port, for the purpose of watching or importing TV and video signals.  It might be possible to go from a PlayStation 3, to such a device, to a USB port, and from there, to the screen.


    This is a less desirable path than a Target Display connection would be (especially if it forces you to drop down to a NTSC signal or if it introduces noticeable quality degradation to a HDTV one).  That's part of why I did not think of it last night.  Still, it's a (possible) option.