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I am recording music for String Quartet in Logic and are now in the final mixing stage which would be normally EQ and Compression. But should I do this and how much? I have to admit that I know only the basics of these things but because this is part of finishing a music project it's what I am wondering about now.


Am I correct in thinking that there are 2 parts in EQ, nml:

1: when an instrument is covering up the frequency region of an other instrument while not using it himself, cut down that frequency region to create a cleaer sound in that other instrument.

2: When an instrument sounds a little flat even when not being covered by the frequency range of another instrument, pull up this frequency to clear up this instrument in that range.


Hope to get some more info on this, I don't want to over-EQ the recording especially because it's a classical string piece, I hear that some people not using EQ at all on this kind of music.



Logic Studio, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    I've been recording, mixing and mastering for the last 11 years and your logic of mixing is dead-on. You have to remember that mixing is subjective (opinionated) so I say do the Low Frequency Managment (cut the bass out to clear it up) and if you want to make them pop out a little more add a few decibels between 1k-5k. What I do when I do create a string sections I usually use octaves to separate them a little easier. Most importantly do what feels natural to "YOUR" ears. Good Luck...and when your down if you can drop me a link or snippet of the track...I love hearing new music!

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    Thanks for the info, I will let you know how it goes. Here are some string quartets I did a while ago:



    I a working on writing a string quartet tutorial at the moment, what forces me to go into detail for every aspect in the recording proces, what actually is really good for me to learn this. I noticed that the best way to learn things is to teach them to others!