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Hello all!


I have run into the typical Bootcam problems on my macbook pro when trying to install W7.




1)Bootcamp can't install the updates for my mac. Okay, whatever, can be bypassed.


Chose "I have the updates" and tried to partition my drive.


During the process, I get a:


2)"some files could not be moved" message.


Now, I know there are solutions for this, like:


1)checkdisk and repair utility - didn't work.

1a)try to format to a small partition - selected the minimum possible, it didn't work.


2)Third party partition software - No, sorry. Don't want to pay to fix a feature that should be working anyway.


3)Reinstall Macosx - won't do it. Too much time and hassle. Just no.


4)Look for the messages that bootcamp generates in the "messages.app" and remove the problematic files. This looks like the best shot, but the strange thing is that Bootcamp doesn't generate error messages that would help me identify the files that can't be moved.


5)Delete parallels and all associated files - done, didn't help.


Any ideas on how to fix this problem?


Machine: macbook pro 2009 (non unibody), OSX 10.6.8, 4 gigs of ram.