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Yesterday while away from home i discovered that my ipod had gone flat. When I got home i connected it to my dock to charge. This morning when I checked it i noticed that it hadn't charged and when i listened carefully to the ipod directly, not via earphones or the dock, i could hear it trying to play something, almost like a stuck record. When I press either play,menu or the central button I either just get a grey apple symbol or a red X sorrounded by a circle with the web address of the apple support. Having gone to this site, all the recommended solutions (restart,restore, etc,etc) say to fully charge the ipod but I cant seem to do this. Can anyone eldse offer any suggestions?

iPod classic
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    When you connect the iPod to charge, what do you see on the iPod Screen?


    Should see the green battery with lightning, at the top right corner.

    battery charging icon Battery charging (lightning bolt)
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    Hi Bilbo


    Unfortunately all I'm getting is a completely blank screen or one as described above in my intial posting.

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    Sorry, in your initial post, you mentioned I either just get a grey apple symbol or a red X ,


    So if I can assume that when you connect the iPod to the PC, you get a totally blank dark screen, then check use another USB cable or another charger, as you did mention above about the Red X and Apple support website.


    The Red X means that your Hardisk is dead, and the blank screen most probably indicate that battery is dead, but it is not likely that the whole iPod is dead, unless you bring it for a swim.

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    Ive attempted to charge the ipod using my computer (via 3 different USB ports), by connecting it to a dock and connecting it to a radio "transmitter"/charger in my car but there's been no change. I'm assuming there must be some form of residual power in order to allow the x and the apple sign to be displayed? If my hard disk is dead is there any point in attempting to go down the 5 options suggested on the help page?

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    The problem is that no power is getting to recharge the battery, and since you have tried several power sources and still cant get any of the 2 display in my earlier post, it may be cause by some dirt in the bottom dock connector, or a damaged dock connector, or water damage to the iPod.

    No power to the hardisk, is a dead hardisk, so you are right, so point in doing the 5Rs, unless you can get some power into the iPod.

    Bring it to Apple Store if it is under warranty or a 3rd party iPod Repair service for them to have a look. They will look if the  water damage indicator has turn red.

    This indicator will remain red, even if you have dried the ipod thoroughly, till it is replaced by a new indicator.

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    Hi Thanks for the advice. The ipod hasnt been anywhere near water. I'll lok at 3rd party repairers. Thanks