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How can I stop iTunes from downloading tv shows to my mac?  I already watched them on iPad but it still wants to download to laptop and I don't want them on my laptop

MacBook Air (Mid 2009), Mac OS X (10.0.x)
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    iTunes > Preferences > Store > Automatic Downloads - change your preferences.


    If you sync with your laptop iTunes will probably still want to transfer the purchases into your library.



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    That location (automatic downloads, in preferences) only has toggles for "music" and "apps", not for TV shows.  Help!  Tired if iTunes trying to stuff my laptop hard drive with gigabytes of TV shows!

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    Oh my gosh, I'm having the same issue.

    THERE HAS TO BE A WAY TO SOLVE THIS. I buy 5 HD season passes and BOOM I don't have any hard drive space left. I can NOT believe that Apple didn't think about this very obvious use case. All I want to do is purchase the show and download it on AppleTV when I want to watch it. I simply don't have the hard drive space for everything I bought, and I can not figure out how to stop itunes from starting to download everything once I start iTunes up.


    I did the same as the other suggest, tried to change preferences, but there's no preference to stop auto downloads for movies and tv shows, only must and apps.


    What the heck! Does anyone have an answer? This is driving me insane.

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    1) Physically disconnect from all networks before starting iTunes.

    2) Change your media folder location to a "small" partition or device, < 200MB.


    This will at least cap the downloads.


    It's clear a conscious decision has been made to exclude this from the interface, I would not like to think there were kickbacks involved. Maybe somebody patented it ?


    The download cost could run to hundreds of thousands of dollars in the extreme over a "tethered" "roaming" connection. Blocking this at a firewall level may be prudent.

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    OK this is of no use. Everytime I log on - It's trying to download war horse the film I started to download AGES ago but realised I didn't actually want it. Although happy to pay for it.

    Now it's constantly trying to download this!

    Please help! It's the most annoying thing! Apple - Sort it!

    Guys please help!