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How do I clean the surface of the I Pad?

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    Use a soft, lint free microfiber cloth. Read this article. How to clean Apple products.


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    You can pick up a bundle of 5 or so microfiber cloths such as Microtex for a few dollars at most department and auto parts stores. That's all you need to clean the iPad's screen for the most part, cleaners are not required. If it gets really dirty dampen the cloth with water, not dripping wet, just damp wringing out all access water and dry with a clean cloth.


    I've been using this method for years on my computer, iPod/iPhones and TV screens with out a problem.

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    Start with the list of information provided above.  This article is pretty good, but dosen't really go into how to clean the surface.  Rahter it talks about what you shouldn't do and what to do if you actually do what you shouldn't.  No offense to Apple, but if you're dunking your iPad in vinegar or something to clear of your paw prints there's a problem.


    I've been using an industrial sized bottle of Monster ScreenClean and a microfiber cloth intended to detail a car.  Other products work, but face facts.  Those little packets of screen cleaning product don't really get the job done and often you'll open two or three of those darn packets before you get one with enough moisture to cut the finger grease.


    Another issue I see with my iPad 2 is that the screen protector (I have the grey leather one) sort of picks up the finger goo.  When you use the pad, then close it, all those boogers end right back on your screen.  They're now ordered however, by the fold lines of your protector.


    To clean the protector I've used a soft cloth.  Remove the protector from its magnetic mount and place it suede side up on a flat surface.  Scrub the suede side up and down with a clean, dry cloth.  Although this wont remove all the build up, it will get a lot of it. 

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    I use spectacle lens cleaner. If its gentle enough to use on lens then its gentle enough to use on the Ipad. I also use a micro fibre cloth, similar for my iMac and Mac Book Pros.