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Hi, my daughter and I have just got our new iPhones but I can´t create and Apple ID för her so she can´t use the ICloud service. So I tried using the one I created for myself resulting in that all my contacts apeared in her phone. What should we do?


Apple how about letting parents confirm the Apple ID for their kid but it should be created with the kids name and birthday how difficult can it be? am I the first mum who bought and Iphone for my kid?


And by the way how do we get access to all the old contacts stored on the SIM card from our preIPhone time? I thought that everything just work with Apple but I am beginning to think that I should have choosen and Android... I mean changing brand of phone doesn´t exactly mean that you want to cut contact with all your old friends...are there a solution that I havn´t figured out?


Maybe someone could make an App that emulates a SonyEricsson or Nokia so that you can retrive your old data?

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