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Can someone please confirm that the difficulty in pairing these two with each other is that they both have a Master BT protocol and so cannot adopt a Master - Slave relationship?  If this is true, is there a workaroun?  I believe someone on the forum suggested setting the iPhone to a Personal Network for example. I haven't managed to find this on the iPhone 4S, just VPN, Wi-Fi or Data.  Or should I just accept that they won't ever communicate via Bluetooth!?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1
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    This has never been a feature of iphone or ipad.


    Bluetooth is supported for stereo headsets/speakers, handsfree telephone devices/headsets, some peer-to-peer apps from the app store, some keybpards, and internet tethering where provided by the carrier.


    Other than this it will not connect to any other phone/device/computer.

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    Ok, thanks for this.  The options you give are all outward going signal protocols and I have successfully paired the iPhone with a Dell laptop for file transfer. I haven't needed to send files from Dell to iPhone but perhaps should go ahead and try it with a view to using the Dell as a proxy between the two i devices.

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    "and I have successfully paired the iPhone with a Dell laptop for file transfer"


    This is not a feature of legit iphones.


    File transfer via bluetooth has never been a feature of any legit iphone/ipad.


    iOS: Supported Bluetooth profiles