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I went abroad for several weeks and used my old iPhone3S with a local sim card  and bought pay as you go data roaming.


I had with me my new iPhone4S which I used just for text and phone calls - data roming switched off.


Have returned home but a problem: I have  lots of new Contacts and Voice Recordings and Notes on the old iPhone and want to integrate  them to the new iPhone4 which has become my main active phone again.


What is the best way to do this without duplicating masses of info?


I am not using iCloud yet.. BTW


iPhone4S is version 5.0.1

iPhone3S is verision 5.0.1

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    Backup your iPhone 3GS in iTunes, then restore that backup to your 4S:


    1. Disable automatic syncing on connection in iTunes Prefs > Devices > Disable....

    2. Connect the 4S and right-click the divice tab (left border of iTunes window) and select "Restore from backup."  You should see a list with a choice of the 3GS backup.  You may not, then have to do a full restore by selecting "Restore" on the 1st page, then chosing to use the backup in the last stage.  This will also update the phone to iOS 5.1.


    iOS 5.0.1 - Jailbroken?  If so, a full restore will partially remove the jb, and possibly fail with error 1015 or 3194.


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    Thanks but iPhone3GS has only a few weeks info that I want to keep.


    Are you certain that iTunes will not erase the existing 4S back up?


    If I back that up and restore it on to the 4S it will wipe out all the months of stuff on the phone that I need to keep.


    Question: is it possible to have two entirely different back ups on 1 iTunes account?

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    Each device has its own backup. Backing up the 3GS won't delete the 4S backup. However, you want to add the new contacts on the 3GS to the 4S and what I suggested won't do that. Unless you've been syncing those contacts to an app on your computer or cloud service, you'll have to do it manually.

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    thanks modular .. most helpful