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Not quite sure I understand what password is being asked for in para7 of the above migration action.

I am planning to migrate from a  Windows XP sp3 to a Mac mini .

The Mac mini will be brand new - when I switch on will I be in administrator mode?

The planned set up is an ethernet cable between both computers to form a "mini network"

Assuming every application that isn't needed is "off" and I have the Migration Assistant opened in both computers which of the computers is "in charge"?

On my Windows PC I am  logged in as administrator but I have no idea what the password is - how can I find out - assuming I need this?

Also the writer uses "password" and "passcode" are they the same thing?

These are probably daft questions to ask but I am determined to change to a Mac and would very much like to do it myself.

Any hints or useful forum(s) pointers would be most appreciated.

Mac mini
Solved by baltwo on May 5, 2012 12:45 PM Solved

Assumes that you've started up your new Mac mini and set it up, including the admin username and password. That's what you use for migrating. The PC is just a dumb data source, although it requires that the Windows Migration Assistant was installed on your PC.

Reply by unclemo on May 5, 2012 12:51 PM Helpful

Hi Baltwo,

just what I neede to hear - I will now place my order for a Mac mini and proceed as advised.

Many thanks


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