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leakinleana Level 1 Level 1

I downloadwd a rented movie, it took all night. When I went to watch my movie it says it will be ready in 4 hours. My internet is not slow, I dont understand what is wrong

Apple TV (3rd generation), Windows Vista
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    I have an ATV 3 (my second one actually since I returned the first assuming slow downloads were a defect in the machine) with sloooow downloads.  My wifi is never slower than 16 Mbps in the room where the ATV resides but it can take 30 minutes before a 45 minute show is ready to watch.  Applecare can't find an issue with my Airport Extreme or my ATV.  They say they have no knowledge of whether Apple is having server issues.  What's up?

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    Same here, Isn't this pathetic, there are about 4 or more threads on the same issue, spanning over who knows how long and theres not one response from someone at Apple. Why call it a SUPPORT when they don't respond? they should call it "We got your money, now we couldn't give a S#*!t"

    I think ill start a new thread on what to rename the so called support comunity pages.