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I have latest version of Lion on my Mac Pro, Avid's ProTools 9.0 LE, and an MBox2 Pro (ver 2).  Ever since upgrading to Lion and PT 9, I cannot get my virtual instruments to launch.  The just bounce on the dock for a few minutes, then become still, however the applications never appear on the desktop.  The only thing I can do is Force Quit them, after which a huge error log appears that I cannot make heads or tails of.


The instruments do however run just fine in ProTools 9 on the same system.


I have a feeling it has to do with audio units or something, but I do not know where to look.  After upgrading to Lion I do remember a few files being moved to the incompatibility folder (which I have long since deleted), but the files were digidesign or avid drivers of some sort.


I've sent several messages on the Digidesign User Conference boards but no help there.  Has anyone on the Apple forums encountered this exact behavior after upgrading to Lion with PT 9 and if so how do you fix it?




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    Pro Tools includes a DRM rootkit, PACE, that serves two purposes:


    1. To cripple your computer so that you can only do what the developer chooses to let you do.


    2. To force you to pay for an upgrade to the product every time you update your OS, even though the application itself would otherwise continue to work as well as it ever did.


    You can either accept those terms, or find some way to get your work done without using Avid products.

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    I suppose so.  All my virtual instruments work as plugins to music production applications such as Cubase, Pro Tools, Sonar, etc., as well as standalone applications outside of ProTools.  Prior to upgrading to Lion, these instruments did both.  Post install of Lion, an "Incompatible Software" folder was created containing the following files which I can only assume are the drivers for my MBox2 digital audio interface: