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I did all apple support and mac’s forums has said about, but nothing. Imac became froze with apple icon without boot again. (I had reseat pram-scr, I tried to install again DVD but device can’t to do it, connecting and disconnecting power cable, use other good mac with a Install DVD by firewire connection,  and nothing. After that I brought it to a Mac Technician, after 2 weeks he told me he can’t to fix it, he tried to do all and nothing, so his diagnosis is – logical board or video card, but he haven't supplies for that. So, I brought iMac to the bigest apple reseller in Argentina and they told me that they can’t recieve me iMac because I didn’t buy with them, and moreover, they haven't supplies for that neither.

As you can imagine, I am very sad, I can’t understand how a computer 3 years old became useless, while it was very expensive to buy for me , and now, computer only works with “windows” operative system!?? I asked about that, how is possible does works with windows and not with OS X ?

I have me nice 24 iMac in a office corner, and I can’t fix in Argentina (I bought it in Italy), can you help me.

I know is very difficult to recieve support from aboard , but for mi is the last oportunity to survive my Imac. I can't resigning of this.


thank for new ideas or ways to fix it,

thk so much



iMac (24-inch Early 2008), Mac OS X (10.5.7)