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Hello All, I have a Quad Core Intel Xeon Mac Pro with 2 - Nvidia GeForce GT 120 cards.  I have begun to have problems with them, as my screens seem to be freezing, even when I am not really doing anything laboring on them.  I would like to upgrade both of them, and I would like to know what my options are with this model Mac Pro.  I do a lot video editing on this computer, and I have a bigger job coming up, and I would like to eliminate this new problem. 


If there is a program that might be able to help me with what is going wrong, or to check to see if something else is wrong with the computer, I would also like to try that.


Thanks for your help.


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    The replacements still available are the Apple firmware 5770 and 5870. But the 5770 requires on aux power cord and the 5870 requires both aux power cords. Either of those cards can run three displays, but you must follow all the rules and use just the right adapters to run three.


    The GT120 was the standard and add-on for the 2009 model. It should not really be having problems, unless your Mac is dusty and is getting too hot inside, or one of the fans is not spinning. Each GT120 should be able to support two displays by itself.

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    I did shut down the system, and blow off all the dust, a couple of days ago.  I then went to the Nvidia website, and did an update on the drivers, and over the last 2 days it has been fine, but I am not sure that it is fix, or I have been lucky so far.  I will update in another couple of days.