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I no longer have any devices to sync with my mac but have an active iCloud account. I have archived on my mac my address book , ical calendars and bookmarks. Those are the current active iCloud functions. I would like to turn off iCloud and transfer my archives to their respective applications and convert them to "on my mac."

When I uncheck these functions in icloud they remove the data as described but when I restore with the archives they reappear in icloud and the headers in the apps say icloud. What am I doing wrong?

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    After archiving, and unchecking iCloud functions, be sure to click "Sign Out" of the iCloud preference.


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    I may have had a senior moment but i thought that is what I did and when I restored the archives they came back as iCloud accounts. To be clear this is the sequence.


    uncheckin preference pane

    sign out of preference pane

    sign out of web iCloud

    Restore archives

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    Is the iCloud preference still signed out?


    Verify that you are following the exact steps listed in HT4901.


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    No after trying to follow the instructions in HT4901 and failing to get the data restored to "on my mac" I used my backup clone to restore back to where i was. That is to say my contacts and and calendars are still icloud accounts. I exported my contacts as an archive. Maybe that is why I ended up with an iCloud account. Never got to ical. HT 4901 refers to calendars and reminders. Again, is the sequence in my last post correct?



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    Your sequence seems to match HT4901.


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    Following the instructions in HT4901 I have successfully imported all my calendars but one. When I double click on the "Work" calendar I get a dialogue box with a progress bar that says Importing ical data. It seems to be in an infinite loop. I have to force quit the app to get it to stop. The calendar refuses to import. It is both curious and strange.

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    Quit or Force Quit iCal.

    Then remove the com.apple.iCal.plist file from your Macintosh HD/Users/yourusername/Library/Preferences Folder. Drag the .plist file to your desktop.. Also go to your HD/Users/yourusernam/Library/Calendars Folder and remove any files with "Cache" as a part of the file name. Log out/in, or restart and check iCal for functionality.


    To find the correct Library Folder for Prefernces/Calendar, select Finder>Go and depress the Option key.


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    That fixed it.

    One other quick question. Being new to Lion was there or should there be a "Reminder"List" field when I push the Calendars Button in the top left portion of the window?

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    Glad to hear that fixed it.


    Use iCal>View>Show Reminders.


    Since you are new to Lion, try Mac 101: iCal, and also be sure to consult the iCal>Help>iCal Help for some other indroductory information.