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Let me start off by saying I am not an Apple user, so Apple jargon will be lost on me. However, I am part of a support team for website in which an electronic ticket has to be purchased. This involves registering a credit card or bank account and then adding funds from the payment account into your online balance.


The issue, which is absolutely non-existent on every other browser, both for Windows and Mac users, is that when you login and go to add the payment source and submit the information, or if you try to fund your balance, the submission immediately fails and gives a session timed out error message. It does not matter how long you have been signed in, this happens even after immediate submission with no dormancy on the site. For instance, we will say we have the session time length set to 10 minutes of no activity before you get kicked, and someone will sign in and immediately go to the add account page, fill out all the information and submit, in under 3 minutes even, and it still times out.


We have tried changing all types of browser settings to work around this, to no avail. Unfortunately, since we cannot convince people to drop Safari and just stick with Firefox and Chrome, we are getting inundated with support requests regarding this.


What is it about Safari that handles session cookies so differently? How can we resolve this? I am at my wits end...someone please guide me to where I can find more information as to what causes this in Safari on websites.