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I´m unable to download previous music purchases on iphone 4s(5.01 update). The purcahsed icon doesn´t show anywhere and the only songs visible are the ones that are already part of the library anyway. Itunes works just fine on mac: all past purchases are available to download from icloud. I was thinking of getting itunes match, but as things are it would probably be not the smartest thing to do. Is there anyove out there that can give me their help with this? Thanks

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1
  • Winston Churchill Level 10 Level 10
    Mac OS X

    Where exactly are you looking, the purchased option should appear on the bottom row of options when you go to the store via your music app.

    Purchased (iPhone).PNG

  • Miguel SG Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Winston, thanks for The prompt reply. That's exactly my point: this icon isn't showing at all. On the app store I can see purchases and the iCloud icon allows me to redownload previous sets but not on iTunes. When accessing iCloud for the first time I had problems with the setup and eventually ended up changing account details but still that doesn't explain this icon/service not being available for recent purchases, right? Thanks again.

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    Miguel SG wrote:


    .......On the app store I can see purchases and the iCloud icon allows me to redownload previous sets but not on iTunes.........

    Are you looking via the iTunes app or the music app, music purchases will not be available through the App Store app.


    Exactly what problems did you have when setting up iCloud, iCloud isn't actually anything to do with iTunes, make sure that you still have the proper iTunes ID entered in the store.

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    Hi. The App store works fine: recent and old purchases are displayed and pressing the icloud icon allows me to redownload apps purchased 3 years ago. It´s iTunes that´s not working at all: on the bottom menu, the purchased icon doesn´t show and I´m unable to retrieve any music purchased unless I sync the iPhone to iTunes store on pc/mac. As for the issues when accessing icloud for the first time, this had to do with the fact that I had to change log in details (change of email address demanded for a new password), but other than that all the remaining details on the iTunes account remained unchanged. This led for icloud not to recognize itunes account details at first, but after a while everything seemed to be fine. In summary, App store displays old and recent purchases and okay to download them via icloud; iTunes store on desktop displays old and recent music purchases and allows downloads via icloud (by clicking the icon), so it´s all down to iTunes store on iPhone not allowing for me to use this option. Thanks.

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    I think I have the same problem as you with my iPhone 4S 32GB (IOS 5.1).


    I have no "purchased" icon as you can see in atached image, not even in "altro" (other) section.




    In common with you I have that I change my Apple ID email address some time ago.


    Hope someone can help us.




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    Ciao Paolo,


    Thanks for your input.


    I was wondering if this glitch was to be pinned on my local iTunes store (Portugal) only; apparently this is not the case.


    It woud be important to add that I can view some of the recently purchased songs through "Other" (Altro) but - again - not all titles show, and icloud icon is nowhere to be found.


    I´ve performed the following test: deleting two recently purchased songs from itunes on desktop and then accessing iPhone to see if these would show for redownloading through iCloud. Outcome? Nothing.


    Thankfully iTunes store allows me to retrieve these files via iCloud, so in the end no harm done.


    Still, with this unresolved issue I cannot risk purchasing iTunes Match, as I may end up not being able to use the service at all.


    I hope that someone out there can shed some light on this, and more importantly that Apple is keeping an eye on what goes on in support communities


    Fingers crossed...