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I had this macbook pro for a few month ago. The laptop is in good shape, everything works, portable works, but 1 MAJOR I am having right now is the part of the Magsafe on the laptop. My charger works but it takes time to charge in order to turn on.


I order the magsafe connector threw ebay to see if that was the problem. Hours later, it still giving me the same thing that is happening to the other magsafe connector. When i plug it in , it shows like a light showing up but not a lot. Its not full Green, it shows a little bit of green. I tried to turn it on but it does not let me turn on at all. I left the charger in for 2-4 days w/ out disconnecting the charger. Thats when the laptop decided to turn on. It shows on the screen that it shows like a battery with a X on it. I had the battery on the laptop and it does not recognize the battery, not sure thought.


I have a charger that has a l , not the T . And I also want to know what can I do to make the magsafe to charge my laptop. Please help

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)