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I am editing in FCP X for satellite broadcast.  The broadcaster only accepts AVI files.  After completion of editing I allow all the audio & video to render before sending it to Compressor for conversion to AVI in clip lengths of not more than about 13 minutes each.  My total video is always only about 25 minutes long.  I then write the converted AVI files to DVD & to memory stick.  The memory stick get sent in to the satellite broadcaster.  My problem is as follows.


The converted AVI files all play smoothly on my Macbook & on the DVD but when the files from the memory stick are broadcast over satellite the movement of the subject appears jumpy/jittery.  I was told that the only way to solve this problem is to take render the edited video from Final Cut to MOV format & then take the MOV file & convert it to AVI on a PC.  It this true or is there a simpler/better way in FCP/Mac?

Final Cut Pro X, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    .avi is no 'video format' just a (very old) media-container.

    it contained older codecs, such as Cinepak, h263, Sorenson or the (in)famous DivX.

    it does NOT support the actual h.264 (such as in BluRay  or AVCHD).


    a direct export into an .avi media-container is supported by MacOS only in Cinepak (stone old, no good quality) or .DV (SDef, PAL or NTSC)


    so, what does your broadcaster want, when asking for 'avi'?

    ask for codec, resolution and max. bit-rate.


    • export from within FCPX as h264

    • open that in free tool Mpeg Streamclip

    • convert to h263 or Sorenson to get some quality, set resolution to requested format, save as mov

    • open created mov with Streamclip again, go directly to 'save as' and choose from drop-down the avi wrapper


    but again, you need specific settings from your broadcaster .....