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I'm on a macbook air 2011 13inch runing 10.7.3  with 37gb of free space and I'm trying to export a 3 mintue clip I put together in Final Cut Pro X (version 10.0.4).  When I go to share the clip (720p 1080 x 720 24p video) to an h.264 quicktime video, my hard drive fills up completely before the export is finished causing me to force quit FCP X and reboot to re-claim my missing hard drive space.  I've run space gremlin after one of these HD filling cycles and can't identify where the space is going...this is the first time I've experienced this with FCP X, other projects have exported just fine.  Going to try copying the project to an external USB drive, but that not doesn't really resolve this insanely baffling situation.

Final Cut Pro X, Mac OS X (10.7.3)