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I'm having a problem all the sudden with synching my iPhone 3G.  It synched this time and some of my photos are all mixed in with other photos.  I have no idea why because on my computer the photos are not mixed in like that.  For instance:  A Folder called "Vacation to Florida" and one called "Pictures of my House" were synched to the iphone.  When I opened them up on the iPhone, there are some pics from one album mixed in with the other. This has never happened before and has me baffled.  I tried deleting my iTunes photo cache and starting over TWICE now.  I restarted my computer and my phone.  Its still doing it.  I re-synched and the photos are all mixed in with each other.  Weird!! Help!?

iPhone 3G, Windows Vista
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    Are they mixed together in a 'Photo Library'? If that's the case they are meant to show up like that. However it should be showing the individual folders as well underneath 'Photo Library' in your albums. 

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    Yes, well the photo library I understand - they are always all together there. Then there are the individual folders showing up under that in a list.  I've had the iPhone for a couple years now and never had this problem.   Its just that the individual folders from my computer that have synched onto the iPhone have pictures in them that are not from those folders.  Not sure why it would do this.  Like I said I have tried taking all the pictures off the iPhone and starting over, deleting the iPhone photo cache from my computer, restarting computer and phone, etc.  When I  synched it again, same problem. 

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    Sorry I knew it was likely you would already know that but I thought it was a good idea to mention the most obvious thing first.

    I've had a look through the various discussions and found someone else that was having the same problem. Apparently they deleted the pics from their computer backing them up onto a USB or disc. They then deleted all of the photos on the phone. After this they restored the photos on the PC they also removed any video files that where in those folders. The final step was getting rid of the iPhone photo cache. They then resynced their iPhone and it was fine.

    It seems long winded to me but I just thought I would let you know. It's worth a try :)

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    I just spent an hour fixing my pictures i synced each folder seperately worked properly finally... i have had the same problem for several months