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I have just recently bought a Sony Bravia 40" TV.  To access the internet capabilities i need a Sony Wifi Dongle.


I already have a Macbook Pro and 2 iPhones that are used within the house on the wireless network.  Was wondering if i should get the Sony Wifi Dongle or skip that and get Apple TV which is about the same price??


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!





Apple TV
Reply by JettaRed on May 6, 2012 4:24 AM Helpful

I have a similar set up.  However, before getting my ATV3, I had gotten a
ZyXEL 300 Mbps Wireless N Access Point, Ethernet Client, Universal Repeater, and Range Extender (WAP3205)
to use as a wireless Ethernet bridge to my TV.  It's about 1/2 the price of the ATV, but it is only a bridge--no subscription service, etc.


Having said that, the ATV is amazing!  The only shortcoming is that it doesn't offer Hulu Plus service at this time.  The upside is that you will be able to access services through your iPhone and mirror them to your TV through your ATV--and you can get app on your iPhone.  (Lastly, you WILL eventually succumb and get the ATV.)


Hope that helps your decision.


(BTW, I did not hook the ZyXEL directly to my Sony Bravia, but to my Sony Blu-ray player.)


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