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SnegrujB Level 1 (0 points)

I have some videos that when converted to podcast have disappeared in itunes but show up in appletv.  How can I show and get rid of them or reindex to get rid of them?  (This seems to be the case in both my mac book and windows machine)

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,695 points)

    They are not showing under Podcasts after you change Media kind?

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    Correct, sorry for being cryptic.  After import of a video file, it normally categorizes as a movie.  When I changed to a podcast category (options screen in "get info"), the entry disappeared from itunes completely (not in movies, tv shows, or podcasts).  I have since deleted the files but itunes seems to contain the entry somewhere...  I believe this because it is visible on my appletv under podcasts but obviously will not play because the files have been deleted. 

  • WozzaX Level 1 (15 points)

    I am also having the same problem.


    Apple tv, iPhone and iPad show the videos under the podcast heading.


    When I go to iTunes on my Mac the Podcast section it is showing the default "Podcasts are free radio- and TV-style shows..." information and not a library of files.

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    Ok, may have figured something out here.

    I know my files are in the podcast folder in my iTunes directory so its just the program thats not recognising then.

    In iTunes I created a Smart Playlist. File->New Smart Playlist...

    I then asked it to search for Media Kind is Podcast.

    This then shows all my "hidden" podcasts.

    I selected them all then changed the media kind to TV show.

    They were now showing in TV ok.

    I selected them all and decided to add info in the Album and Artist fields as these were blank.

    After this I then changed the media kind back to Podcast and they are all there now.

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    Thanks, Wozza!


    I ran into the same problem when I imported some MP4s then changed their Kind to Podcast while leaving the Album field blank.  It created an "Unknown Podcast" folder containing the MP4 files in my iTunes Media Library, but I couldn't find the assets in iTunes under any category.  I deleted the MP4 files and the "Unknown Podcast" folder without deleting them through iTunes since I couldn't find them.


    When I added the Smart Playlist with Media Kind set to "Podcast", I noticed the assets that were created in the past.  The problem now is I couldn't delete them, so now the assets were going to exist forever without any file to link to.  They remained with a "!".


    To fix this, I dragged the same files in.  I changed their status to Podcast with the Album field blank, then I re-linked them from Smart Playlist.  From there, I changed their Album data to a temporary name as well as changed their Media Kind to Movie, so they would be removed from the Smart Playlist.  From the Movie category, I deleted them, and they are gone for good!  They don't appear in any Smart Playlist marked with Media Kind as Podcast or Movie.


    Thanks for sharing the Smart Playlist trick because this helped me resolve my dead-end asset issue.

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    if i backup my ipad, will my smart playlist get backup too?

    because the file in my smart playlist is gone now (because of some backup software that i download =,=)

  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,695 points)

    bubble_bom wrote:


    if i backup my ipad, will my smart playlist get backup too?


    Playlists are in iTunes.

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    The information from Wozzax really helped me but I did notice that this issue usually happened when there was more than a couple of "." in the file name.  Since I started removing all but the "." before the extension, I have not had this issue again. Do not know if there is any correlation or not...

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    If a file's media kind is changed to Podcast and it doesn't have an Album title then it is invisible within the Podcasts section. Album titles can be added once you've used a smart playlist to find the hidden content.