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Italy stolen iphone! I'm located in Italy. I blocked the telephone company number and I reported to the authorities. I'm deciding whether to block the IMEI code. I state that I had not activated any type of lock and I had not activated FindMe... There are procedures to do on the apple site? There is a database of stolen phones? if the person who took the phone format it and then re-inserts a new SIM card and download an application, Apple can 'see this and report it to the owner of the stolen phone registered on the site? should quickly lock the imei, or wait until the thief uses the phone? If the code is blocked imei, the phone does not track down anyone again? thanks, Marco


iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.3, italy stolen iphone
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    Apple do not provide this facility.


    Your phone service provider can block the phone from further use (even with another SIM card) if you have the IMEI number; this will of course disable the 'Find My iPhone' facility even if it's set up in the first place.


    You can't track a phone using the serial number. Its only value is in identifying the phone as yours if it comes to light.

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    thank roger,

    I understand that there is nothing to do ..