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I have two Macs at the opposite end of the house.  I want the song playing on the main Mac to concurrently play on the other Mac's speakers.


Currently, the main Mac outputs to an Airport Express and, via audio cable, to a Bose.


Since I can choose 'multiple speakers' from iTunes to have music output to the main Mac's speakers as well as the Express, can I not add the secondary Mac to the configuration?


I am aware but not totally knowledgeable, of the following:

1. An App called Airfoil

2. The term Airplay (that seems to do what I want with Airplay enabled speakers - can I make my secondary Mac behave like Airplay enabled speakers?)

3. Homesharing

4. Open Stream



In short, how do I do this with what I have or do I need to purchase an app?


Thanks in advance for any thoughts.


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    To make your secondary Mac into an Airplay receiver, try a free open source application called AirMac. It sits in your menu bar and broadcasts your Mac as an AirPlay-compatible device, so once you've started it up, it should show up in all the AirPlay menus around your house. Once you start streaming media to it, it will play in a new QuickTime X window.


    I don't have another Mac to try it out, but it doesn't cost anything so it seems worth a try.  You can download it from http://code.google.com/p/airmac/downloads/list


    Come back and let us know how it works.


    BTW:  the Airplay instructions are here:  Using AirPlay, http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4437

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    Come back and let us know how it works.



    Working on it...


    I've downloaded AirMac but it hasn't worked out of the box... something about 'Server could not be started because it could not bind to IP4 address. Make sure the port is not in use by anothe operation.'


    But I have not seriously taken time yet to figure this part out.  I will let you know over the next day or so.


    BUT... I have found a partial fix.  On the main iMac, I have directed iTunes to share the whole library AND the playlists on my local network.  I can now start itunes on the secondary mac, choose to play the main iMac's songs but choose 'Multiple Speakers' which is the secondary iMac's speakers along with the Airport Express.


    Therefore, I have the same music at both ends of the house as I walk about.


    I think it would be better to have Airplay working so that all of my control was from the main iMac only but so far, not yet.


    Thank you Jim!  For the moment, a gold star.