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Thanks to some help in the forum I have a working video file.  But I'm wondering if there is a better format I might convert it into for ease with FCE?


I have a .mp4 file.

1920 x 1088

H.264, ACC


Is there some way to prep it for FCE so that the rendering isn't so dog gone long?   Can I use streamclip or something to get it into a better file?


I did use VISUALHUB to turn it into a FCP ready .dv file, but it only maxes at 720 resolution.




At least this file works.  But there is 120 min of video, and the rendering time is killing me.  It'd be awesome if I could just get it into a FCE-Ready format.










(Visual hub has a check box for Final Cut Ready, but again, it's just for 720.     THANKS in advance for your help.)

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    Are you a PAL or NTSC user?


    In short, export from Streamclip to a matching Quicktime file.



    First, go to FCE>Easy Setup and look at the properties of each one (read the fine print).

    Select the Easy Setup that matches your orignal footage the closest, frame size, video standard, frame rate and audio.

    Then setup Streamclip to produce an export to Quicktime that exactly matches the chosen FCE Easy Setup.

    If they both match there will be no rendering.


    Note: If the Easy Setup is changed, only NEW Sequences are changed not existing ones.

    This means you also need to make sure the FCE Seqeunce that the export is edited into matches the settings.

    Check this by right clicking on the Sequence icon in the Browser and select Item Properties.



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    I had no idea that the settings for conversion should reflect the settings in Easy Setup.


    But it works;  with hindsight it's obvious.


    You rule!!!!!