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So I have noticed this before but until now, it's never been a problem. I have rendered "all" for my entire project but when I go to export, some of my clips have red bars, indicating they need rendering. Obviously, I can't render them again because I'm exporting. Maybe it makes no difference, but on my current project, several of my stills show weird color or opacity effects in my exported video. In the past, I think I remembered the plugin Alex 4D vignette causing problems, so I unapplied the filter to my clip and re-rendered the entire sequence.


Hopefully it's not a hardware or software issue. Just not sure about the whole rendering thing...




iMac 2.66gHz, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    The Render Bars above the Timeline are actually two bars, the upper for video and lower for audio.

    It's a bit hard to see but there are two.


    If anything is red it means something is not rendered and should be.

    The bars must be either Blue or Grey for the Timeline to be fully rendered.


    Check the FCE>Preferences for rendering as well.



  • Robert Wilkins2 Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    Thanks for you reply. I need to check my Preferences. But, the weird thing is that I have rendered everything (many times over). Some of the bars are still green though. I will need to take a closer look at this. Wonder if my preferences or data file(s) are corrupt?


    I will look at the preference settings.


    On a related note, I re-exported a small section of my sequence using a lower bit rate and it was fine. For some reason, my video wasn't displaying correctly at 5000/kbit/second but looked fine at 2500...

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    Do the Render Items have check marks against them in the Sequence>Render All menu?


    If there is no check mark then no rendering occurs on that particular item, in effect you have told FCE not to render it.


    Green bars mean it will play in real time but you should still render.

    In the FCE>Sequence Menu you will find the Mix Down option, always Mix Down just prior to exporting.


    You must be exporting as a Quicktime Conversion?


    Exporting as a Quicktime Movie will give you the exact properties of the FCE Sequence.