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i have this problem on  imovie "08" has disappeared when i was installing new mac os x version "10.6.8" the problem happened when i was rebooting my macintosh because safari could not open, after rebooting macintosh had the oldest version which i did not like, so i bought 10.6.8 and installed it after i was sorting my files out imovie was missing, any suggestions on what should i do? thanks

iMovie '08, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    depends how you did the re-installation and what disks were involved:


    in case you did a 'clean install' = erasing whole hard-drive's content, plus using a 'MacOS' installation disk, for sure ANY app (except Safari, iTunes etc) gets wiped out - iLife/iMovie was never part of the MacOS installation and sold seperately.


    use the original re-installer disks your Mac came with, select a custom install of the iLife package .....