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Help!  I am trying to submit my first podcast to iTunes.  No luck.


I am using WordPress blog with BluBrry PowerPress plugin.


After I enter my RSS feed in step 1, I get the following error message.


There is a problem with your feed.  Your episodes are hosted on a server which doesn't support byte-range requests.  Enable byte-range requests and try your submission again.


I have done the following:


1.  Contacted my host - HostGator.  Support stated that it should work.  Any problem would be with the Coding and not with the Hosting.  Basically, they told me there was nothing to turn ON/OFF to ENABLE byte-range requests.


2.  Advanced Feed Test.  I tested the iTunes - Advance - Subscribe to Podcast.  It passed.  I was able to subscribe and listen to episode 1 inside iTunes.


3.  FeedValidator.org.  The feed passed the feed validator test.


No sure what to do to make this work.


Any ideas?





iTunes - Podcast Submission
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    You're the third person to come against this one recently. Earlier to day Robert Walch posted about it in this thread, which is worth reading:




    The subscribing test is irrelevant because it involves only a simple download; the problem apparently arises with iOS devices which use the Store rather than subscribing. I don't know whether all this is a sudden change by Apple - it may be, because there have been a lot of complaints about iOS devices failing to download podcasts, with, up to now, no apparent explanation.


    it may well be that your only option is to find another hosting service which can handle this.

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    Thanks for the info.  I appreciate your thought and response.


    I saw the thread with Robert Walch.  It looked like he was self-interested in promoting his podcasting service more than resolving this issue.


    You recommend "another hosting sevice."  Which one?




    By the way, does anyone know what "byte-range requests" means?

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    To be fair to Robert, I don't think there is an easy resolution: at least he can recommend a service that has this facility.

    You recommend "another hosting sevice."  Which one?

    That's the problem. There's no way of knowing without either asking them first, or trying to submit from a particular service and finding it's rejected for this reason. This appears to be a recent change by Apple, probably because of the iPhone problem, and it's going to be a bit of a stumbling-block.

    does anyone know what "byte-range requests" means?

    I certainly don't, though when I have a chance I will try to find out, but this is server technology and as such is over my head - most other people's too: I will offer a guess that for streaming purposes it means asking for a part of a file, then waiting, then asking for the next part, and so on, rather than just requesting the file in toto. This would seem akin to the ability to resume an interrupted download. 


    It will probably be a question of asking hosting service whether this applies, and if they say 'no' (or don't know what it means) finding another hosting service.

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    I did a bit of research, including this article -




    Basically it confirms my guess - the process calls only sections of a file at a time rather than the whole lot, and is apparently required for iPhone to be able to play podcasts.


    As to HostGator, whatever they say it would appear that their server doesn't support this. (The problem lies with serving the actual media file, not the feed, though it might be compounded if you are using some sort of scripting to access the file rather than the direct URL). If they can't sort this out your only option would seem to be to look for another hosting service, checking with them first that a) they know what it is, and b) they support it.

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    Thank you for taking the time to review and comment.


    I appreciate your ideas.



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    Awesome news!


    I discovered a work around.


    Instead of hosting my podcast content (MP3 for me) on MY website (hosted by HostGator - who did NOT have a clue what I was talking about - in fact, when I asked them for help, they referred me to THIS post as a solution), I hosted the content on AWS (Amazon Website Solutions) S3.  And it WORKED!


    Here are the tips:


    1.  Set up a FREE account with Amazon S3 (you can start with a free small storage account).

    2.  Set up a Bucket and upload your Content into S3 (see AWS info).

    3.  Add podcast plugin to WordPress (I used PowerPress).

    4.  Create first Post.

    5.  At bottom of post, enter the S3 link to your content WITHOUT the "S" in the https.  Copy the link and remove the "S" from the https.  It will still work.

    6.  Resubmit feed to iTunes.


    Try it.