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I am looking into getting the ipod touch to use the square card reader, I do not want/need a smart phone for various reasons. 

Is the ipod touch a safe choice for internet access anywhere I might be?  I have to be sure of that before I dive into it.

I have done a lot of research on the various merchant card readers and Square seems to be the best and most simple out there.


thank you


  • xtremecarbon Level 4 Level 4

    With the iPod touch, you need (or should) have wi-fi wherever you are going to process payments. I believe such transactions are processed over the internet. Actually, you may want to look into the iPad since it can run Square register, a neat way of tracking transactions.


    If you plan on selling merchandise with low price points, Square would definitely be your best choice. However, for more expensive items, you may want to go with someone else, because the 2.75% interest will add up quickly. It's more profitable to pay a flat rate montly (or however) and have 0% interest on your transactions, but only if you do lots of transactions.

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    I am assuming that the answer is "no" to my question?  I won't have internet anywhere with it?  I do not understand all the differences and I cannot afford the ipad or an iphone.  All I want is a card reader that I can use but I'm not getting anywhere with my research.  I have tried to call multiple apple stores but there is no human being to talk to, I can't understand why a human cannot answer a phone so I just don't know what to do.  I looked into the ROAM to get one for our laptop, but you have to provide your own merchant and it seems there are a thousand to choose from, so I got nowhere with it.  It's a very furstrating search.

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    Once you get the Square reader, buy your iPod. If it doesn't work, you have 30 days to return it to Apple no questions asked.

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    Melody I'm in the same position as you.  I have a ipod touch and I just got the square reader.  However, the next problem is going to be the wifi connection.


    I know it's a problem, since my brother tries to use his ipad with little success when he's out and about.


    I think the solution is the hotspot, which can get you a wifi connection.  It's about $100, and right now the first year is free of monthly charges.  After that, for me and you it would be $10 per month since we're only using it for transactions.


    The nice thing is that there's no contract, so I think that means that we can use it only in the summer for example, if you vend then, and then shut it off.


    My issue is if I put the hotspot into the plug on my ipod touch, where does the square go, and can  they both be used together.  I'm researching that now.

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    ok i just checked it out.  the hotspot should work because it goes into the usb port while the square goes into the jack.


    here's an article on it, advantages and disadvantages:


    http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/22/technology/personaltech/netzero-clearwire-and- other-ways-to-get-a-hot-spot-to-go-state-of-the-art.html?pagewanted=all