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I have an iMac with the i7 processor, 12 Gig of memory and the high end graphics card.


I have a 20 SECOND video I am sending out to render for an AppleTV (second Gen/720) device. Thus far, it has taken over 10 minutes and it is less than 1/4 rendered. Seriously? FinalCutPro X didn't take this long to "render" it to 442 to view it full quality in the editor.


This can not be right. I spent $2500 on this "fireball" and this is the best I can do with a 20 second video? I am going to be working on full length films and 20 minute long videos. If this render time is standard, I will be waiting for days to render a film to just an AppleTV format.


This simply can not be right. How do I tell what's clogging this up?

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    Well if you do plan on working on long form format project you should really not be using FCP X... You will be the test piot in the newest jet however nobody has flown it before.. x is not ready for feature film work.. Stick with 7 or another software

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    kb8wfh wrote:

    ... . If this render time is standard,...

    This simply can not be right. How do I tell what's clogging this up?

    no, not standard.

    on my ol' MacMini C2D/8GB a Project gets exported within 'real time'.


    but ....

    render-time is determined by two factors:

    • is your 'system set-up' ok? you have blazing fast hardware, but is the rest in perfect/intended shape? all apps on intended location? all data in intended location? ... hard to tell from remote. a very nice common mistake for example is, to install an 'OS partition' on the internal hard-drive (for whatever reason ...) - if this partition is too small, doesn't offer enough room for the OS and apps to 'breath', esp. encoding instantly needs hours ... there're many other 'mistakes' optional ....


    • complexiity of Project: a multi-layerd timeline with -zillions of effects, color corrections etc etc needs some rendertime - for my hobbyist's projects (max two tracks, some re-timing for slowmos, custom made titles/transitions) this usually happens in the background. I'm actually helping someone with a 4min 'music video' on an i5 Mac, 4-7layered multicam clips, and even without proxies we happily work in real-time.


    hard to tell from remote.

    you like to add a full screen screenshot of your Project/FCPX?