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I updated the HP drivers for my printer scanner the other night and since them my scanner quality has dramtically reduced. I want to use my Time Machine backup to go back to my old HP drivers but I have no idea how I would do this.


Thanks for any help

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    I think you'll need to contact HP directly and inquire what files are updated and where these are placed.

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    Since printer driver software is scattered in numerous locations, attempting to isolate and restore the individual files will be tedious. You can't restore system files on the machine you are actively using anyway.


    If you only downloaded the updates only recently, I suggest you restore your entire system from the Time Machine backup that existed prior to the update. To determine when that was, open System Preferences > Software Update, and click the tab for Installed Software. Note the date and time the suspected update was installed, then use Time Machine to revert to the backup that occurred just prior. You will lose whatever work you performed since that time, but you can recover those documents and files individually.


    If you want to become a Time Machine expert and perhaps determine how to restore just the components you need, go to ASC contributor and Time Machine guru Pondini's website: http://Pondini.org/TM/FAQ.html