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I wonder when Apple will supply a Norwegian spell checker with its OS. For someone who communicates in both English and Norwegain on a daily basis, a built in Norwegian spell checker would be nice. I have found a third party work-around, but it is not satisfactory. Ironically, my iPhone has a built in spell checker which seems to work perfect. Why not use the same for OS X?

Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Exactly six months have passed since I posted the above asking Apple for a Norwegian spell checker to be included in the OS and their other software. According to the stats, more than 90 people have viewed this post, but zero answers. This means, that if anyone at Apple has read my post, they have avoided responding to the issue. When Mountain Lion was released this summer, I was an early adapter and the first thing I checked after installation was if Norwegian was included in the OS spell check languages. Not surprisingly, I was disappointed.

    Yes, there are third party spell checkers, but they do not work very well. Not consistent and have flaws. So, Apple developers, if you read this, please respond and answer why we are still waiting for this spell checker?