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My daughter needed to create an iweb project for school.  The teacher originally said they could work in partners.  So, they used my mbp to create the iweb project as they researched with their own mb laptops.  Later, the teacher said they could not turn in the same project, but they could duplicate the project and each add their own personal touches.  We duplicated the site on my mbp.  Then, they personalized it.  Now, they need to move their own iweb projects from my computer to their own computers.  Both the sites have not been published yet.  I have read many posts about moving the site.  In my computer, I went into finder-my user house- but there is no 'library' to choose.  Does anyone know what I need to do?  My daughter and her partner need to turn in their projects this week and we are struggling.  They are finished, but unable to move the iweb projects.  I would appreciate your help.  Thank you.

Solved by Wyodor on May 6, 2012 11:27 PM Solved

Have a look at this page with a movie that shows how to move domain files around and a handy instruction to display the library folder (which is often explaned in this forum)