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How do I contact itunes, my account has been hacked and I just seem to be going around in circles trying to find a way to contact them?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5
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    many thanks

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    i would like to ask if there's anyone in this community has EVER get any refund from the iTunes fraud successfully?


    I just checked my credit card bills last night and has found that there was a continuous transactions from iTunes which I didnt touch my iTunes account for a year time! there was in total of $1000 charged over the last month. I have checked the purchase record on iTunes and there was nothing. I have also contacted my bank to disable the card and asked for an fraud investigation.


    I would like to ask if there is anyone who has the same situation with me and they have get back their money successfully? I have read a couple of articles and seems it is hopeless in getting the money back. I feel so sad and I will definitely not trusting any online banking / payment anymore!

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    It sounds like your credit card company is at fault and has nothing to do with Apple. If the Apple statement is clear, then they haven't taken your money. You should get your money returned from your bank/credit card company if someone has hacked into your account. In the meantime change all passwords.

    Good luck.