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How to register contacts on imessage

iPad (3rd generation) Wi-Fi, iOS 5.0.1
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    Sally95 wrote:


    How to register contacts on imessage

    Not sure what this means but you tap on the blue + button to bring up your contacts list and then select the contact from there. Messages pulls the contacts from the Contacts app so set up the people that you want to message with in the Contacts app.

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    To iMessage to iPads and touchs you need to send the message to the recipient's email address they use for their iTunes account. You can still use the phone number to iPhones but I beleive it is best to use the email address to ensure it gets to all devices including the iPhone.

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    You can't register someone else for iMessage. They need to do it for themselves from their device.

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    So how do you do this yourself? I couldn't see any thing in settings etc.

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    If you don't see a menu for Messages in Settings, you need to update your device. Check under Settings > General > About > Version to see what you have right now.

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    Messages are on but it is not allowing me to send a message to an email address , it says the address is not registered?

    This is from my iPad wifi to my wife's iPhone . It won't allow me to send the message to phone number either which I can understand from wifi only iPad. No problem sending messages iPhone to iPhone .

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    Did your wife create an AppleID and register her iPhone to it?

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    I don't believe she created ab apple ID we just use mine for updates etc.

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    As mentioned  I also have no problem texting from my iphone to her iphone , its only from my ipad that I have a problem,  when I put her phone number or email address in the field that's when  I get her name in red with an exclamation mark .

    I just texted from my ipad to my iphone number and had no problem there going to my phone .

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    I'm a owner of a 3rd gen iTouch, New iPad (3rd gen) and I got my wife for Christmas the 4th gen iTouch (5.1.1) It was a huge headache just to get a Apple ID for that. I inadvertantly managed to get my wife a iM Apple ID for icloud but got her a Apple ID for iTunes etc. (after a lot of work) 


    A colleague I lost contact with managed to set me up with Face time and iM on my iPad. I had to set my wife up  with a email on my other computer. After a lot of work I managed to get her a Apple ID and it works fine but not with iM.


    Question how do I get the Apple ID that does work within the apps store/iTunes, to work with iM. I've tried everything in the above but nothing seems to work. I get in Settings>Messeges: iMessage On, Send Read Receipt, On, Receive At: @icloud and I cant remember what the PW is for the iCloud one is.


    Oh I have 2 options: Remove this Email or resend validation Email and when I  try to resend I get a  dialogue box that pops up that reads iMessage Activation and it reads Unable to verify email (the Apple ID used in iTunes etc) because it is already in use.


    Also, I have an iOS upgrade pending but I'm affraid to activate it because we don't want to lose the YouTube that came with this license.


    Any ideas please?




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