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My iPhone 4s lost its bluetooth after upgrade, genius bar can't help, help?    

Went into store and saw "genius" who spent an hour unable to fix problem. Changed phone (battery was getting hot) but no help.

looked at his Iphone 4s to sync it with mine but he could not tether his either.  The upgrade has fixed some problem but knocked out bluetooth

which can not connect to any of my equipment. Ipad, Iphone or coil for hearing aids.  IS THIS A software or UPGRADE PROBLEM?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1
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    If the phone was replaced, then it's obviously not a software problem. More than likely it's not a hardware problem either as the odds of getting a replacement with the exact same problem as the phone being replaced are slim.


    More likely, you are not following th proper procedure on the devices you are trying to pair with to place them into discoverable mode.

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    The person who could not solve the problem was the Apple store employee (genius bar). Again after I upgraded my MBP

    I could no longer communicate with my IPad, new IPhone 4s or my coil for my hearing aids. The apple staff tried for over an hour to get the Bluetooth to recognize any one of the devices but could not. Are you saying the Genius did not know how to fix the problem. I just  deducted that if all the steps that were taken did not work then the upgrade is the problem. It fixed one thing but disassociated another the Bluetooth.

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    By the way the MBP. Did pair but was unsuccessful in connecting the devices and that is about were I am at right now.

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    Millions of people have updated without experiencing problems with bluetooth. Whatever it is, it's not a fundamental flaw in the update.

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    Did I tell you that the genius also lost his BT while working with mine.

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    You mentioned that he couldn't tether his. I didn't read that to mean his bluetooth stopped functioning altogether.


    5.1.1 was realeased today. You may want to try updating to see if it corrects your problem.

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    I have the latest upgrades but the phone refuses to connect to MBP or anything else. I brought for this reason and if that will not work I'll go back to my 3s-THAT WORKS.

    A complete waste of time and money. If Apple won't or can't fix the problem how do you expect us to know how to fix an internal fault.

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    I had the same issue on my iPhone 4 after upgrading to 5.1, can not find any BT devices and is not discoverable. The 5.1.1 update makes no difference.

    I have done network setting resets and full resets. About to do a full factory reset and restore.

    Seems amazing that Apple have no record of these issues given a simple Google search took me to a bunch of people complaining about the same thing!