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My IPad 2 front camera takes pictures in pink color tint. Has someone same problem with his/her device? How can I solve this problem? Thanks...

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1
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    Do you have a case or protective film on the iPad? Try removing it and then taking a few pics.

    Have you tried testing in other lighting condtions, like outside in the daytime?


    If that doesn't help you find out what's going on, try resetting or restoring the iPad.

    You can also have a Genius compare it to another iPad or replace it.

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    I dont have any case or protective film on my Ipad yet. I have tried to take pictures in different light conditions but the result is the same.


    I have reset it and based on apple call center agent recommendation I have upgraded it to the latest iOS. But nothing changed. It seems it is a HW problem. Tomorrow I will make a request from Apple support to replace my Ipad.


    Thanks for your support.

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    I got the same problem!! I'm so disappointed about stupid iPad