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Is there a way of having series/season artwork and then individual artwork per episode ?

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    Each season should pick up its artwork from the first episode, after that you can add different art to each episode but the only way to view it is from the Selected Item viewer so there is possibly not a huge benefit to doing this.



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    The problem is actually with ATV. For all episodes it just displays the one assigned to the first episode and ignores the subsequent different ones for the rest of the episodes.


    It is a classic album series and I have the actual album artwork of each album for each different episode.

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    Ah, I've yet to acquire an ATV so I've not had a chance to get familiar with it. You could always give each episode a unique series number - i.e. its global episode number - then each would list separately and with the correct art.



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    Yes I have taken the step to name each show differently instead of the different season number i.e instead of the season being called Classic Albums, each episode is now called thus : Classic Albums - Machine Head, Classic Albums - Dark Side Of The Moon.


    This has solved the problem, but does leave them scattered on ATV instead of neat within a Series list.


    Oh well, there are bigger problems in the world I suppose. At least they are all together as they all start with Classic Albums....

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    Show = "Classic Albums", Season = 5 & 23 respectively orught to gather those two episodes into one series, then list the "seasons", with artwork, in episode order.



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    Sorry I don't follow what you are saying ? Could you explain a little bit more.

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    Normally people ask how to merge all the episodes into a single well ordered show. In principle TV Shows are grouped on the Show field and within a show sub-grouped on Season No. In practice recent builds of iTunes and/or Apple TV firmware seem to be taking account of Album, Artist & Album Artist in certain views. For consistency I therefore suggest the following approach:


    • Show = Album = <Show Name>
      e.g. "Heroes"
    • Artist = Album Artist = <Show Name> or <Show Name> Cast (or something like that)
      e.g. "Heroes Cast"
    • Season No. = <Season No.> or <Blank> (Separate seasons or all listed together)
      e.g. 1-2
    • Episode ID = s##e## (This field, sorted alphabetically, controls order)
      e.g. s01e01 - s02e34 (use s##e### when >99 episodes)
    • Episode No. = Track No. = <Absolute Episode No.>
      (Can also be per season, but abs. is better) e.g. 1 - 34
    • Disc No. = <Season No.> (Can be set even if merging seasons)
      e.g. 1-2


    Taking this approach you can always merge or split into individual seasons simply by clearing or setting the Season No. field.


    In your case instead of using the correct season no. I'm suggesting making the Season No. match the Episode No.


    So, for example, this:


    Heroes1.pngor Heroes2.png


    become this:



    For general tips on organizing media in iTunes see Grouping tracks into albums.



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    I had a similar issue a while back. The solution is indeed to rename the show differently for each season.


    I use VideoDrive for this purpose while importing: it adds my tv shows automatically to iTunes, and renames them "The Big Bang Theory - Season 1", "The Big Bang Theory - Season 2", ... This way, each season has its own listing and artwork. Be sure to enable the preference "Include season label in the show name".


    You can also add different artwork to each episode, but I don't see why you want that. They are never displayed anyway.

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    They are on ATV. It seems the choice is either have each episode lised separately out with its own artwork ( each episode displaying the actual different album artwork, or have them lumped together as a season but all episodes have the same artwork and that same artwork is displayed in ATV.

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    I've been struggling with this for a few weeks and I think I've just solved it. Apple TV DOES base the season artwork on the first episode of the series. However, even though it lists the episodes by episode number, it considers the 'first' episode to be the first by Sort Name, not episode number.


    I changed the sort names of my episodes to be Series/Episode/Part serial numbers and now it seems to work fine (although you have to scroll slowly as there's a bit of a lag).

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    Question for Appfelstien....

    Was it the TV Shows "Sort Name" field (under the Sorting section of Get Info) that you applied this unique info or a different field?


    Also what is example you typed in for unique content to display individual artwork correctly on Apple TV? You said Series/Episode/Part serial numbers but I'm not following that last part.

    Example: The Simpsons - 005 - Bart The General (which my example is Series - Episode # - Episode Title) but I'm thinking you did something different...yes?


    Just not sure which field you are referring to with your unique content and the unique itself that worked for you.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.