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Hello World!


I downloaded Logic Pro 9.1.7 from AppStore a few days ago. After that Logic Pro loaded the essential files.


Then I downloaded the other content from the "Download additional Content" menu.

First only the additional content, then the GarageBand Content. Then Jam Pack 1. Then Jam Pack Remix Tools. Then Jam Pack Rythm Section.

One after the other. I downloaded one thing, until it is installed and then started the other.


After that I recognised, that some audio files are missing, for example the "percOld_YT_51".


If I try to choose: Jam Pack Remix Tools - Drum Kits - Big Beat Remix the following Error appears:


EXS24-Instrument „Big Beat Remix.exs“:


Audiodatei „percOld_YT_51“ nicht gefunden!


The same with the Next Instrument: Breaks Remix


EXS24-Instrument „Breaks Remix.exs“:


Audiodatei „percOld_YT_51“ nicht gefunden!


Some other file with Hip Hop Remix:


EXS24-Instrument „Hip Hop Remix.exs“:


Audiodatei „ohhK_Kickadd2 F#-2.aif“ nicht gefunden!




After that I found in the web, that I have to download the Extra Content from within GarageBand ( I never used it before),


So I opend it, and downloaded the extra content - 1 GB.


I was almost sure it would work now.


But nothing the same errors?!


I searched for the missing files in the Application Support folders from Logic and GarageBand. Nothing.


in the GarageBand folder it finds something like percOld_YT_5 or percOld_YT_52, but no percOld_YT_51!!!


How do I get to fix this problem?




Does someone know in which of the possible packages (Additional Content, Garage Band, Jam Packs) the missing files are.




When Logic Pro downloads such a package, is it stored somewhere after the download, in TEMP for example. So that I do not have to download everything always again? I have a small DSL connection.


Thank you for help.



Logic Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)