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in comparision to the old Leopard the UI of Snow Leopard is way too bright and nonsaturated. I tried several calibration tunings (hardware-calibrated EIZO monitor) with no success. is there any possibility to get the much better look from Leopard in Snow Leopard?

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    1. Go to: System Preferences / Universal Access Seeing and in the Display: section be sure that Enhance contrast: is set to Normal.

    Screen shot 2012-05-07 at 8.28.35 PM.jpg


    2. Go to: System Preferences / Displays / Color and uncheck the box Show profiles for this display only, then try choosing a different Display Profile (like RGB or sRGB) instead of the iMac Profile.


    Screen shot 2012-05-07 at 8.39.19 PM.jpg


    If that doesn't help, click the Calibrate... button and try calibrating something more to your liking with help from > ColorSync for Mac OSX

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    Thank you for your suggestions. They are unfortunately not solving my problem. Please have a look here: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/488570


    I guess i would need something like a command in the console: set gamma of UI to xy etc...

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    Why not play around with the Displays color calibration to see if you can tweak it more to your liking?

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    I'm using an EIZO CG243W with no color issues in Snow Leopard. I use an X-Rite i1 Pro with EIZO's supplied ColorNavigator software to profile it.


    What version of Snow Leopard are you running? The earliest releases, like 10.6.0 to 10.6.2 were indeed very washed out. Something was fixed later in ColorSync to address that.

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    i have an EIZO CG241W. i did hardware-kalibration with basiccolor and colornavigator: same same...


    meanwhile i have given up and downgraded to Leopard again, because of 2 other bugs in Snow Leopard:

    1. malfunktion of the F1...F19-keys

    2. strange error on trying to copy stuff from a data-DVD to the internal HD (back in Leopard: no prob!)


    Thank you for your responses anyway!

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    Keep after it. I had a profile setup for my LG W2253 when it was connected to my Early iMac and I don't recall having a problem when I upgraded to Snow Leopard. Today the LG is connected to my 2010 Mac Mini and still uses that same Profile as it did back then. 

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    Then again, perhaps you have just succumbed to SL's mono chrome gray ugliness that the rest of us did a little more than two years ago.


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    Then again, perhaps you have just succumbed to SL's mono chrome gray ugliness that the rest of us did a little more than two years ago.

    Haha! Most people would probably hate my desktop. I do color and retouching for a living, so my monitor profile is set to the printing industry color balance of a 5000K white point and 1.8 gamma; which matches the industry standard color viewing booths. But mainly, everything is gray so there is no surround color to throw off your perception of color of the images you're working on.


    I mean, how boring it this?



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    Now you've gone and done it, Apple is going to be inundated with a bunch of iMac's that have some kind of display imperfection.


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    Ha' now that my wife has an iPad to show her photos on, I can go where no man has gone before.